FOGDRAGON, protection against ground frost!


Protect your vines and plantation against ground frost with FogDragon.

The machine burns the lit fuel in its combustion chamber and spreads the resulting hot smoke and steam in the plantation. Hot air prevents frost damage whilst the smoke will not allow the heat to escape from the ground. The water vapor increases the gravimetric density of the smoky hot air further, therefore it spreads through the plantations covering the area in mist.

A single FogDragon provides protection for 10ha of land against frost damage.

Wide range of fuel options which can be made of:
  • hay, straw or corn bale,
  • wood chips,
  • vine-branch bale,
  • scobs,
  • logs of wood.

During operation the machine has to be moved with smooth motion with 40-60 meter turns returning to the given point of the plantation according to the weather condition and the temperature. For the operation, the machine has to be towed by a minimum 45hp tractor. The type 1550 machine’s inner size is 1550mm and its gross width is 2115 mm, the smaller type 1220 has a 1210mm inner size and a decreased 1863mm gross width which makes the machine’s performance compatible in narrow plantations as well.

FogMushroom, efficient tool for protecting smaller plantations.

The FogMushroom is locally installed during operation and thus provides spring-time frost protection for smaller gardens, vineyards, strawberry fields, sapling field. The system operates with split firewood or similar biomass. One machine protects 2800-3000sqm. Dry fuel is required for operation.

Petrol-powered model
propulsion Petrol engine
Start-up Manual
combustion air regulation draft regulator
Water tank 100l
Water injection Manual valve controll
Air blow Bottom air outflow with 360° exhaust

Pictures below were taken in -4 °C:

With frost protection

Without frost protection

With frost protection

Without frost protection