FOGDRAGON, protection against ground frost!


How the FogDragon works?

In order to be able to protect against the spring frost as effectively as possible, we should be aware of this phenomenon and its reasons! In the following, we would like to explain the physical and meteorological background of the emergence of spring frost in a generally understandable way in order to understand why the FogDragon can effectively protect the plants.

The atmosphere of our planet is virtually transparent to the visible spectrum of sunlight, so the heat energy emitted by the sun directly heats the earth’s surface and the atmosphere. The atmosphere and the earth’s surface release this amount of heat in the form of the so-called infrared radiation, a type of electromagnetic radiation with a longer wavelength than that of visible light. However, this radiated heat is efficiently absorbed and partially radiated back to the earth’s surface by certain atmospheric gases, e.g. water vapor (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), thus keeping the planet warm. We call this phenomenon the greenhouse effect.

This natural process is significantly influenced by the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The most important such gas is water vapor (clouds), which is responsible for up to 36-70% of the absorbed and re-emitted heat. The amount of heat absorbed and radiated back to the earth is much lower on starry, cloudless nights than on cloudy nights. This is the reason how it is also possible for the temperature to fall below 0 °C even at the warmest places of the earth, the dry and cloudless, deserts at night. And the same phenomenon is responsible for the spring frost.

We should also know that the heat lost this way by the surface is almost impossible to replace, as it is about 2500-3800 MJ/h in a hectare. Our solution is to prevent or highly reduce this heat loss from the get-go. FogDragon, in addition to producing a significant amount of heat, surrounds the plants with water vapor and carbon dioxide, which spreads evenly and effectively reduces the natural heat loss of the ground. The resulting “fog cover” takes over the role of the clouds and prevents the temperatures from falling below freezing. A single FogDragon can safely protect 10 hectares of land this way