Ready to Fight Spring Frost?

A single FogDragon can protect 10 hectares and can be safely used in BIO plantations to protect against frost damage.

Lowest Operational Cost on the Market

Compliance with Organic Farming Standards

The FogDragon has been developed to protect vineyards and orchards against radiation frost.

The machine burns biomass fuel in its combustion chamber and a high-pressure pump injects water into the outgoing hot air stream. Hot air prevents frost damage whilst the water vapor and smoke will not allow heat to escape from the ground. The water increases the specific weight of the exhausted flue gas thus helping to keep this insulating medium near the surface.

How Does It Work?

The layer of fog created by the machine is highly efficient in insulating and thus preventing the radiational heat loss from the surface. It blows the smoke and water vapor to 30m on each side, so it is able to cover a 60m wide strip of land in one go. The machine is towed around the orchard and has to return to the starting point within 20 minutes, hence it is able to safely cover 10 hectares of land.

Ready to Save an Extra 85% on Your Operating Costs?

The operational cost of the FogDragon is only about 15% of the „cheapest” alternative. The cost of operation for one night per hectare is only around €5, that can be reduced further.

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